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Ammon R. Smith
A cat telling tales.

“I don’t write the stories I want to write, I write the stories that want to be written.”

Cats Tell Tales began as one very simple, very grand idea; to build a village.


Traditional publishing is a grand effort by teams of savvy and experienced individuals that work together to polish and hone what the writer has crafted into a piece of literature worthy of viewing by people that love what we love: a good tale. This takes time, expertise, great patience, and genuine dedication to our work. In that way, from the writer to the beta readers, the editor to typesetting, and from print to logistics, we become a village, and it takes a village to publish a book. The trick is convincing a village to welcome new untested authors, and many publishers have a long and arduous path of entry. The process can be time-consuming, and fraught with dead ends.

For Ammon this was especially difficult. With more than twenty stories in mind and eager fingers on the keyboard, time spent navigating the tangles of publishing meant time lost bringing those tales to life. Seeing this, Ammon had the simple idea to build a village of his own.

Thus, Cats Tell Tales began, and likewise began growing!

Beta readers, editors, enthusiastic readers, artists, and a member of the Pulitzer Prize Board have shown tremendous support for our author's work, growing this little village well beyond Ammon Smith's original vision and simple purpose, to share his tales.

Cats Tell Tales remains an ever-evolving work in progress. We humbly thank you for visiting our little village, and hope to see you stopping by again very soon.

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